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Name:Woman and Girl-Centric Podfic
Posting Access:Anybody
Community description:female-centric podfic

[community profile] audiofemme is open for year-round posting of woman-centric podfic works and recs. Although our fests focus on exploring the different relationships between women, stories posted year-round need only focus on at least one canon woman.

This community and its moderators explicitly encourage podfic about women with disabilities, Indigenous women and women of colour, asexual and/or aromantic women, transwomen, women over forty, kinky women, intersections of these identities, and of women belonging to other under-represented groups.

Recognizing that women's identities are not the only under-represented gender in fandom, we'd like to refer creators of podfic about other trans*-identified characters to [community profile] transfic.


[community profile] audiofemme is happy to announce our current project, Arm in Arm//Fist to Fist, an f+f gen podfic fest!

Key Dates
Sign-Ups: On-going until February 14
Posting Dates: February 8-14

You can check out our Resources List for new podficcers HERE.


[community profile] audiofemme began at [ profile] podfic_project, and moved to DW in 2012. Previous projects and some resources are still available at [ profile] podfic_project.

images of women kissing, text reads The Kisses 2 Multifandom Podfic Fest
A Peck on the Lips II and Makeout Sessions II Masterlist

two women kissing joyfully on a bed
Masterlist for the first annual KISSES fest - Makeout Sessions and A Peck on the Lips 2011!

two women sitting back to back holding guns text=spn & spn rpf podfic project
See the project's Masterlist!
(Graphics by [personal profile] familiardevil

Layout made by [community profile] inconformista

Most importantly of all: we're in your fandom, recording your womenz.
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