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Name:Woman and Girl-Centric Podfic
Posting Access:Anybody
Community description:female-centric podfic
audiofemme is a centralised community for posting women-centric podfic and podfic recs. posts are welcome at any time.

additionally, there's a monthly challenge to prompt podfic and recs on a specific theme. you don't have to participate in this challenge to post to the community.

there is also an annual fest for relationships between women. more info on this year's fest will be posted closer to the start date.

nb: women includes woman-aligned non-binary people and rule 63 versions of characters who may not be women in canon.


[community profile] audiofemme began at [ profile] podfic_project, and moved to DW in 2012. Previous projects and some resources are still available at [ profile] podfic_project.

images of women kissing, text reads The Kisses 2 Multifandom Podfic Fest
A Peck on the Lips II and Makeout Sessions II Masterlist

two women kissing joyfully on a bed
Masterlist for the first annual KISSES fest - Makeout Sessions and A Peck on the Lips 2011!

two women sitting back to back holding guns text=spn & spn rpf podfic project
See the project's Masterlist!
(Graphics by [personal profile] familiardevil

Arm in Arm//Fist to Fist, an f+f gen podfic fest!

Layout made by [community profile] inconformista

Most importantly of all: we're in your fandom, recording your womenz.
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